MMNSMississippi Museum of Natural Science (Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks; Jackson, MS)
MMNSMultimedia and Mobile Networks and Services (conference)
MMNSManagement of Multimedia Networks and Services (Conference)
MMNSMuslim Media News Service
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Computational experiences shown in the first four rows in any table correspond to some electricity transmission MMNs from our case study.
TABLE 1: Sizes and computational results for some MMNs with [absolute value of K] = 1 (T = 13,20,23,31,37,41,50).
* Explorar posibles relaciones entre las caracteristicas de los pacientes, de las MMNs y el afrontamiento del paciente.
Cabria esperar mayor cantidad de MMNs recibidas en ese primer grupo, sin embargo, a pesar de tratarse de casi la mitad de pacientes en cada grupo, fueron algo mas los pacientes sin MMN.
-- Tensas River, 11 km S of Tendal, Madison Parish, Louisiana, 16 September 1994, two specimens (MMNS 3775).
Lang of the Field Museum of Natural History-Chicago was sent a tissue sample from one of the lampreys in the MMNS 43754 (White River, Arkansas) series previously identified by Kuhajda as Ichthyomyzon unicuspis for DNA analysis.
bicuspid), shape of transverse lingual lamina and comparison with previously identified Silver Lamprey material (MMNS 1573.2, 43754, 44382).
Seven records were collected during my surveys: Adams (MMNS 15991), Hancock (MMNS 15995), Lamar (MMNS 15992-93), Lauderdale (MMNS 15998), Pearl River (MMNS 15994), Perry (MMNS 15997), and Stone (MMNS 15996) counties.
On July 28 a gravid female was brought to the MMNS from Pearl Mississippi, Rankin County, first recorded from the Jackson area.
The delicate bone material was documented and removed in August and September 2002 under the direction of the Mississippi Office of Geology and the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science (MMNS).
The new Mississippi Museum of Natural Science (MMNS), Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks, commands a high point overlooking the natural bluff and forested floodplain at its new location in LeFleur's Bluff State Park (LBSP), in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi (Figure 1).
Previous literature on music neuroscience has primarily focused on Mismatch Negative (MMN)--a deviation-specific component of auditory event-related potential (ERP) recorded by electroencephalography (EEG)--in "music" perception.