MMOCMinicomputer Maintenance Operations Center
MMOCMorris Minor Owners Club (est. 1976; UK)
MMOCMidwives Model of Care (Citizens for Midwifery)
MMOCMary Mother of the Church (St. Louis, MO)
MMOCMeanest Man on Campus
MMOCMini Marcos Owners Club (automobile club; UK)
MMOCMichigan Metabolomics and Obesity Center (University of Michigan; Ann Arbor, MI)
MMOCMissile Maintenance Operations Center (manages maintenance in the ICBM missile complex)
MMOCMobile Miniature Operational Control Center
MMOCMinicomputer Maintenance & Operations Center
MMOCMedical Marijuana of Orange County (Laguna Beach, CA)
MMOCMere Matter of Code
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With the previous notations, we present the MMOC finite element method for the Navier-Stokes (1.1): find ([u.sup.n],p) : {[t.sub.1], ..., [t.sub.N]} [right arrow] [V.sub.h] x Mh such that
The following are guidelines to assist MMOC and Materiel Control determine UJCs: 5.1.
The variable fixpay is equal to the monthly loan payment (pay) divided by the borrower's combined monthly income (bcmi) plus the median monthly homeowner cost (mmoc) divided by the median household income (mhi), and whether the borrower is a homeowner (home = 1).
Brigadier Gold Limited has entered into a binding agreement with MMOC Minerais de Mozambique, Lda., of Maputo, Mozambique, to acquire an 80% interest in a joint venture to exploit additional resource properties located in the Tsiquire-Gorongosa area of Mozambique.