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MMODMarch Madness on Demand (NCAA - CBS
MMODMulticast Media on Demand
MMODMicro-Meteoroid and Orbital Debris
MMODMobile Multimedia on Demand
MMODMILSTAR Manpower and Organization Document
MMODMaster of Management in Organization Development
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Prior, "Space station MMOD shielding," Acta Astronautica, vol.
The reduced MMRE will be recorded as Mmod which will be used as the MMRE for the remaining cost drivers.
Also, since it is desirable to have the impact sensing system not only detect ascent debris impacts, but also those of micrometeoroid and orbital debris (MMOD) during orbit, testing has been performed to measure sensor response to hypervelocity impacts.
Hypervelocity impact tests were performed to simulate micrometeoroid and orbital debris (MMOD) damage that can occur once the Shuttle is in orbit.
MMOD increased markedly in vitellogenic ovaries between August and September, but in nonvitellogenic ovaries the increase was minimal (Fig.
Under these assumptions, every specification has a (loosely) initial model in (MMod, MHom) which can be constructed as in the preceding example.
The tight relation between multimodels and functional models referred to in Proposition 2.5 is further strengthened by the fact that the same theorem holds when we replace MMod by FMod.
More recently BAM has shifted its focus from generating "baseball-related" revenues to providing back end technologies for the likes of MMOD and ESPN3.
MLBAM's agreement with ESPN for now is a services contract, and with CBS Sports, it is participating in a revenue-sharing agreement for the paid MMOD mobile application.
These assumptions are taken to be held in a mental model of a dynamic system (MMODS).