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MMODMarch Madness on Demand (NCAA - CBS
MMODMulticast Media on Demand
MMODMicro-Meteoroid and Orbital Debris
MMODMobile Multimedia on Demand
MMODMILSTAR Manpower and Organization Document
MMODMaster of Management in Organization Development
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Then, to conserve battery life, the system was switched into on-orbit monitoring mode during which smaller sets of sensors were monitored to record the background noise level and any triggering MMOD impacts.
More recently BAM has shifted its focus from generating "baseball-related" revenues to providing back end technologies for the likes of MMOD and ESPN3.
Micrometeoroid and orbital debris, known throughout the space community as MMOD, is a constant threat for orbiting satellites.
MLBAM's agreement with ESPN for now is a services contract, and with CBS Sports, it is participating in a revenue-sharing agreement for the paid MMOD mobile application.
In consequence, modelling approaches must be found which access this 'mental database' of MMODS (Forrester, 1992).
Working through the logical consequences of the assumptions in an MMODS is difficult.