MMOIMatière Molle aux Interfaces (French: Soft Matter with Interfaces)
MMOIMass Moment of Inertia (physics)
MMOIMulti-Mode Optical Isolation
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The [La], expressed in mmoI.[L.sub.-1], was determined by analysis of 25[micro]L blood samples collected from digital pulp, with the use of portable strip analysers (Accutrend[R], Germany).
Measuring maternal morbidity in routinely collected health data: development and validation of a maternal morbidity outcome indicator (MMOI).
Table 1: six-Year Results on Recurrent Nonfatal MI in CDP by Baseline Fasting Glucose Fasting Plasma Glucose * (N in the nicotinic acid and placebo groups, respectively) <5.3 5.3-5.8 5.8-6.9 [less then or mmoI/L mmoI/L mmoI.L equalto]7.0 mmoI/L [tagger]Niacin % 11.1 9.8 10.6 7.1 [tagger]Placebo % 15.4 12.9 14.3 15.5 Odds ratio 0.68 0.73 0.71 0.42 * To convert to mg/dL, multiply by 18; [tagger] percent with MI These analyses suggest that the long-term cardiovascular benefits of niacin therapy in the CDP outweighed any potentially adverse effects of niacin on glycemic regulation.