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The hippocampus was pre-perfused with ACSF (127 mmol [1.
In another experiment, the hippocampus was perfused with ACSF for 25 min to determine the basal concentrations of glutamate in the extracellular fluid; then perfused with 1 mmol [1.
1]) in reactant solutions during 1 -min Ca addition at the rates of (5 to 20) mmol [L.
Doses given to 10 g of algae in 1 L seawater were: 71 mmol (1 mg) daily, 497 mmol (7 mg) weekly, 994 mmol (14 mg) bi-weekly, or 1988 mmol (28 mg) monthly.
A daily salt intake of 65 mmol [1,500 mg] should be recommended for patients with hypertension," said Dr.
3 [micro]mol/mL in 15 [micro]L of 10 mmol Tris-HCl pH 8.