MMOSTMind Map Organic Study Technique
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9 MMost Lightning Strikes Survived: Virginia park ranger Roy C Sullivan was zapped seven times between 1942 and 1977.
11 MMost People Wearing Groucho Marx Glasses: US schoolboy Joe Kavanagh gathered 937 Grouchos in 2003.
21 MMost Bees in Mouth: Dr Norman Gary held 109 for 10 seconds in LA in 1998.
30 MMost Sheep Sheared in 24 Hours: New Zealanders Alan MacDonald and Keith Wilson machine-sheared 2220 in June, 1988.
34 MMost Common Skin Infection: 70 per cent of humans have athlete's foot.
35 MMost Valuable Tooth: One of Sir Isaac Newton's sold for pounds 730 in London in 1816.
37 MMost Artificial Joints: Charles Wedde, of Michigan, and Anne Davison, of Tyne and Wear, have both had 12 joint replacements.
40 MMost Body Piercings In One Session: KamMa was pierced 600 times in a day in Sunderland in 2002.
42 MMost spoons balanced on face: 15, by American Tim Johnston in May this year.
4344 MMost Plastic Surgery: Peruvian Transsexual Fulvia Sandoval has had 64 ops.
49 MMost Rhinestones On AHuman Body: Spanish designer Maria Rosa Pons stuck 30,361 rhinestones sequins to a model in 2001.