MMPDMaterial Management Procurement Directorate (Defense Logistics Agency)
MMPDMaster of Maori and Pacific Development (University of Waikato; New Zealand)
MMPDMultipurpose Method for Protein Determination (biochemistry)
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In our study, the mean serum N-ERC/mesothelin and C-ERC/mesothelin levels were significantly higher in patients with MPM than in those with MMPD, BPD, and BAP (Figure 1).
At higher concentrations, the positive predictive value for mesothelioma increased, and when the cut-off value was set at 100 [micro]g/l, the specificity increased to 85% for distinguishing patients with MPM from those with MMPD and to 95% for distinguishing patients with MPM from those with BPD.
In our study, the average serum osteopontin level was higher in patients with MMPD than in those with MPM (Figure 1).
In addition, the sensitivity was 56% and specificity was 73% when distinguishing patients with MPM from those with MMPD. Similar results were reported by other studies that tested serum or pleural efusion mesothelin levels (35-38).
In our study, average syndecan-1 levels were higher in patients with MMPD and BPD than in those with MPM.
Syndecan-1: MPM-MMPD: p=0.001; MPM-BPD: p=0.011; MPM-BAP: p=0.762 BAP: Benign asbestos pleuritis; BPD: benign pleural diseases; C-ERC: C-ERC/mesothelin; MMPD: metastatic malignant pleural diseases; MPM: malignant pleural mesothelioma; N-ERC: N-ERC/mesothelin; SD: standart deviation Table 3.