MMPDSMetallic Materials Properties Development and Standardization
MMPDSMilitary Modification to the Personnel Data System
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Figures 15 and 16 compare the tensile and yield strengths of the material of this study to other ferrous alloys [23-27] made by additive manufacturing and selected ferrous structural alloys from the MMPDS [12].
DSIC president and CEO Stanton Sloane said, MMPDS is designed to support DNDO's objective of preventing nuclear terrorism with technology capable of rapidly screening cargo and passenger vehicles for both shielded and unshielded nuclear threats at land and sea ports.
DHS's DNDO will have to analyze Decision Sciences' MMPDS, an entirely passive scanning technology using naturally occurring cosmic ray muons to safely and securely locate potential threats hidden in cargo, vehicles and other conveyances.
The group working on the project has verified that the procedures used to produce statistical-basis allowables are approved by the advisory board of the MMPDS handbook.
Defense Logistics Agency will be able to make cast alloy conversion/replacement decisions with confidence due to the statistical data on tensile, compressive, shear and bearing properties from the MMPDS handbook.