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Variables investigated were moisture content in the range of 18 to 20 percent and above 35 percent; wood temperature in the ranges of 80[degrees]C to 85[degrees]C, 100[degrees]C to 105[degrees]C, and 120 [degrees]C to 125[degrees]C; MMPE for three wood strain rates of 0.1, 0.2, and 0.6 mm/s; and MWBE for three strain rates of 13[degrees] /s, 27[degrees] /s, and 81[degrees] /s.
The study consisted of two sets of experiments: microwave mechanical property experiments (MMPE) and microwave wood-bending experiments (MWBE).
MMPE determined ultimate wood strains of microwave-softened specimens using the clear-wood testing standards developed by Mack (1979) and examined the specific deformation responses of specimens in isolation.
Wood strain rates: The rates for MMPE were 0.1, 0.2, and 0.6 ram/s, and for MWBE, they were 13[degrees]/s, 27[degrees]/s, and 81[degrees]/s.
Microwave mechanical property experiments.--A standard Instron Universal material testing machine was used for MMPE tests.
See Table 4.1 for a comparison between RRE, MPE, and MMPE which explains the choice of using RRE.
Table 4.1 compares the three vector extrapolation methods RRE,MPE, and MMPE for two values of r.
r=4 RRE MPE CPU time (in seconds) 3.8 3.8 Residual norm 3.5.[10.sup.-11] 2.[10.sup.-11] r = 10 RRE MPE CPU time (in seconds) 6.59 7.57 Residual norm 6.87.[10.sup.-12] 9.[0.sup.-11] r=4 MMPE CPU time (in seconds) 3.9 Residual norm 3.9.[10.sup.-11] r = 10 MMPE CPU time (in seconds) 10.36 Residual norm 1.0.[10.sup.-11] Table 4.2 Numerical results for n=256 with different ([alpha],c).