MMPEMeat, Milk, Poultry, and Egg
MMPEMyanmar Motion Picture Enterprise
MMPEMobile Multi-Phase Extraction
MMPEMedical Marijuana Physician Evaluations (San Francisco, CA)
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Main features: revival of the procedure 19fs011 relating to the purchase of furniture for the mmpe.
Variables investigated were moisture content in the range of 18 to 20 percent and above 35 percent; wood temperature in the ranges of 80[degrees]C to 85[degrees]C, 100[degrees]C to 105[degrees]C, and 120 [degrees]C to 125[degrees]C; MMPE for three wood strain rates of 0.1, 0.2, and 0.6 mm/s; and MWBE for three strain rates of 13[degrees] /s, 27[degrees] /s, and 81[degrees] /s.
The study consisted of two sets of experiments: microwave mechanical property experiments (MMPE) and microwave wood-bending experiments (MWBE).
MMPE determined ultimate wood strains of microwave-softened specimens using the clear-wood testing standards developed by Mack (1979) and examined the specific deformation responses of specimens in isolation.
Wood strain rates: The rates for MMPE were 0.1, 0.2, and 0.6 ram/s, and for MWBE, they were 13[degrees]/s, 27[degrees]/s, and 81[degrees]/s.
Microwave mechanical property experiments.--A standard Instron Universal material testing machine was used for MMPE tests.
See Table 4.1 for a comparison between RRE, MPE, and MMPE which explains the choice of using RRE.
Table 4.1 compares the three vector extrapolation methods RRE,MPE, and MMPE for two values of r.
r=4 RRE MPE CPU time (in seconds) 3.8 3.8 Residual norm 3.5.[10.sup.-11] 2.[10.sup.-11] r = 10 RRE MPE CPU time (in seconds) 6.59 7.57 Residual norm 6.87.[10.sup.-12] 9.[0.sup.-11] r=4 MMPE CPU time (in seconds) 3.9 Residual norm 3.9.[10.sup.-11] r = 10 MMPE CPU time (in seconds) 10.36 Residual norm 1.0.[10.sup.-11] Table 4.2 Numerical results for n=256 with different ([alpha],c).
A specialty pharmaceutical firm with a portfolio of topical and immunology products, Nuvo Research announced that it has engaged into a co-operative involving Ferndale Laboratories and an unrevealed CRO with dermatology experience for formulating two topical dermatology products based on Nuvo's Multiplexed Molecular Penetration Enhancer (MMPE ) technology.
Under the terms do the deal, MMPE technology would be utilized by Nuvo for developing dermatology product candidates.