MMPFMary Mother of the Poor Foundation (Glendora, CA)
MMPFMaster Military Pay File
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Suarez himself had admitted that MMPF could not meet SMC's expectation, which was to build the Marian complex as originally planned within five years.
The MMPF, he said, had offered SMC one of three things: Make a loan so that the MonteMaria project could proceed, build a columbarium, or just build the statue of the Virgin Mary.
Bishop Palang recently assigned him to be the apostolic vicar to the Mangyan in the diocese in addition to MMPF apostolate among the poor and the running of a formation house for seminarians on the remote island of Ilin off Occidental Mindoro.
When the target is maneuvering, MMPF performs better than SPF because the models in MMPF can describe acceleration factor better than SPF.
MMPF will be adopted when the probability is larger than a pre-set threshold, otherwise, SPF will be adopted.
Suppose the true maneuvering start time is k - D, but we detect it at time k, and then MMPF is adopted from the status at time k.
SPF is adopted when the target is non-maneuvering; when the target is detected in maneuvering changed from non-maneuvering, MMPF will be adopted.
Then the corrected estimated value [[??].sup.corre.sub.k-1] at time k - 1 will be obtained after having adopted MMPF for N time intervals long and it will be more accuracy than [x.sub.k-1].
Beside the SPF and MMPF, the whole algorithm contains two main sub-algorithms: the maneuver detection based on fuzzy controller and the backward correction.
Choosing [T.sub.h] = 0.6 will make the system run right with a high efficiency, because a smaller [T.sub.h], like 0.4, will increase the times that MMPF adopted and a larger [T.sub.h], like 0.8, can not detect maneuvering at the 1st maneuver time.
In order to verify the performance of the proposed algorithm, based on the typical case given in Figure 1, simulations of tracking the typical scenario by using the SPF, MMPF and the proposed algorithm were conducted, and performance comparisons were made in terms of tracking accuracy, computational complexity, and tracking lost probability.
For both the SPF and the MMPF, the same system Equation (1) is used.