MMPGmassively multiplayer online game
MMPGMetal Manufacturers Purchasing Guide (online resource; Canada)
MMPGMid-Michigan Physicians Group
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Almost all the tests in our study had very high negative predictive value which shows that patient having IIG > 4 cm, ULBT MMPG SLM TMD > 6.
In our study only MMPG had negative likelihood ratio of 0.
ULBT and MMPG were found as "nearly perfect" airway predictors for difficult intubation with odds ratio of 65.
We observed that all airway tests used in the study (IIG, MMPG, ULBT, TMD, SMD and SLM) had high negative predictive value means they identify easy intubation more precisely as documented by other authors (11,14,39).
Odd's ratio suggested that ULBT and MMPG are "nearly perfect" airway predictors which can be used for screening of difficult intubation as they had very high sensitivity (92.
Likelihood ratio indicates that presence of ULBT III is the best predictor of difficult intubation and absence of MMPG III and IV is the best single test to rule out difficult intubation.