MMPHMultifocal Micronodular Pneumocyte Hyperplasia
MMPHMinistria e Mjedisit Dhe Planifikimit Hapësinor (Ministry for Environment and Spatial Planning, Kosova)
MMPHMultidisciplinary Master of Public Health (University of Pittsburgh; Pennsylvania)
MMPHMymitsu Philippines (Mitsubishi Auto Club)
MMPHMaxillary Modified Protraction Headgear (orthodontia)
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The MMPH damage degrees were 17.8% for GI, 31.1% for GII, and 51.1% for GIII.
Furthermore, there was an early-stage increase in the BC volume in the MMPH and LMPH pathologies.
Relationships between the meniscus pathologies and the Baker's cyst volume Grade (G) % Mean [+ or -]SD P MMAH G1 48.8 12.9805 6.28513 G2 40 12.8139 7.98198 G3 11.1 18.7300 6.40197 p=0.229 MMPH G1 17.7 16.8313 8.51114 G2 31.1 14.2893 5.48554 G3 51.1 11.9639 7.31670 p=0.228 LMAH G1 60 11.4433 6.63048 G2 26.6 16.6250 7.48083 G3 13.3 16.9000 5.80331 p=0.048 LMPH G1 55.5 12.8712 7.37056 G2 35.5 14.9263 7.12328 G3 8.8 12.3175 6.18700 p=0.634 MMAH: Medial meniscus anterior horn; MMPH: Medial meniscus posterior horn; LMAH: Lateral meniscus anterior horn; LMPH: Lateral meniscus posterior horn Table 3.
The lungs, digestive system, retroperitoneum, and bone can be less frequently involved.[1] The pulmonary manifestations of TSC include MMPH and lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM).[2] MMPH in TSC was first described by Popper et al .[3] in 1991.
TSC presented as MMPH was reported having better prognosis and specified treatment was usually unnecessary since the patients were usually asymptomatic and remained stable for a long time.
Multifocal micronodular pneumocyte hyperplasia, previously called atypical adenomatoid proliferations, used to be essentially diagnostic of tuberous sclerosis, but recent reports have shown MMPH can arise spontaneously.[5]
The number of reported cases is small, and MMPH is seen most commonly in the setting of tuberous sclerosis.
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