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MMPIMinnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (psychological test; University of Minnesota Press)
MMPIMerchandise Mart Properties Inc. (Chicago, IL)
MMPIMeruelo Maddux Properties, Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
MMPIMaine Marijuana Policy Initiative (est. 2006)
MMPIMichigan Chapter of Meeting Professionals International
MMPIMEDCOM Manpower Program Initiative
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Differentiating violent and nonviolent prison inmates by use of selected MMPI scales.
MMPI Disability Profile: The least known, most useful screen for psychopathology in chronic occupational spinal disorders.
The differentiation of malingering by M-FAST and MMPI validity scales were evaluated with logistic regression analysis and the superiority of these tests for interpreting the diagnosis was tested.
"The MMPI is less sensitive to the automated testing format then it is to represented testing: Item and scale effects".
Recording of dissimulation and denial in the context of the psychosomatic evaluation at living kidney transplantation using the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI).
DMUs MPI MPI status MMPI MMPI status Differences 1 1.134 Progress 0.864 Regress Changed 2 0.988 Regress 0.935 Regress Equable 3 0.997 Regress 0.855 Regress Equable 4 0.844 Regress 0.816 Regress Equable 5 1.025 Progress 0.897 Regress Changed 6 0.634 Regress 0.480 Regress Equable Table 7: Malmquist index comparison of 2008 to 2007.
Group 1 included 81 (32.0%) patients with presence of large-plaque elements of different localization for which marked disorders of liver function were characteristic and neurotic scales of MMPI test prevailed.
Incorporar logica difusa en un test psicometrico facilita el trabajo del psicologo, porque el sistema se encargara de analizar los resultados y determinar el tipo de personalidad de un individuo, conforme a un conjunto de reglas definidas y retomadas de la teoria de aplicacion del test MMPI. Teniendo en cuenta que el numero de preguntas de la prueba MMPI es considerable, el especialista puede cometer errores durante la lectura del test, situacion que se evita con el uso de un sistema de logica difusa.
Prediction of length of hospital stay from MMPI scales.
Finalmente, se podria poner a prueba los indices de validez de instrumentos clinicos publicados como en Charter y Lopez (2003) respecto al MMPI.
According to a statement from MMPI, manager of the Merchandise Mart, he will give his views on the home-decor business, and share the story of how he and his wife, Carole, created Crate and Barrel with the goal of providing tasteful and well-designed products at a good value to consumers.