MMPISMarketing, Media and Public Information Services
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Other fragments give a monodentate binding of the catalytic zinc, and the other electron donating group is usually involved in H-bond interactions with surrounding residues, such as the Pro221 carbonyl oxygen (e.g., 1d), except for compounds containing the imidazole ring (e.g., 1e), involved in a [pi]- [pi] stacking with the His201 side chain, which represents one of the main interactions formed by MMPIs in the [S'.sub.1] pocket (Figure 3).
Herein, we described the design, synthesis, inhibitory activity, and molecular modeling studies of new non-hydroxamate-based MMPIs. The adopted synthetic strategy enabled the setting-up of a small ZBGs library through a simple and easily accessible pool of reactions.
Raine began work on MMPIs for MS at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York.
MMPIs appear to inhibit the action of enzymes that are needed to ferry T and B cells through the protective blood-brain barrier and into the central nervous system.
Clinical trials of a similar MMPI in people with MS may begin, but only if the pilot human safety study, now in progress, provides a green light.
To support his claim, Wilson constructs a" male marriageable pool index" or MMPI, which represents the number of employed men per woman of the same age and race.
As in Lichter's study, the estimated effects are small, with the decline in the MMPI responsible for only about 10 percent of the increase in black female headship over the 1970s.
The volume of its published research literature is second only to MMPI and possibly 16 PF.
Gynther (1972), in his review of the literature, while comparing the performance of the Whites and the Blacks, has stated similar views about MMPI. Revalidation of the scales may also be necessary, if subsequent research shows them to lack predictive and classificatory validity.
Haynes, Tan, and Baker (1990) administered the MMPI, 16PF, and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to a group of 64 missionaries.
Similarly, Pelo (2005) examined the predictive validity of the MMPI, the 16PF, and the Big Five in predicting perseverance in 302 missionaries from an evangelical mission agency.
For example, suppose you took the MMPI and it suggested that you had responded like people diagnosed with a particular DSM psychiatric disorder.