MMPMMultimedia Presentation Manager
MMPMMillimeters per Minute (measurement)
MMPMMula sa Masa, Para sa Masa (Filipino news agency; est. 2016)
MMPMMillimeter-Wave Power Module (wireless applications)
MMPMMulti Media Presentation Manager (software product)
MMPMMEECN Message Processing Mode
MMPMModified Multiple Platform Method
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We used the modified multiple platform method (MMPM) to establish the sleep deprivation rats model.
The modified multiple platform method (MMPM) was used which was one of the most widely applied sleep deprivation rat models to establish the sleep deprivation model.
In MMPM the magnetometer is a compact instrument and therefore the magnetic signature of the electronic components needs to be minimized below the expected resolution of the sensor.
Besides, in the particular case of MMPM lander the roughness of the touching down, based on an intense impact against the martian surface, leaves an extra degree of uncertainty in the orientation of the instrument respect to the surface.
But MMPM has a very limited mass and volume budgets and thus it is not possible to separate the electronics and the sensor in two boxes but it consists of a boom-shaped instrument which comprises sensor head and electronics (Fig.
Presolicitation: M1300 millimeter wave power modules (mmpm)