MMPPMarkov-Modulated Poisson Process
MMPPManitoba Management Plus Program (Canada)
MMPPMagnesium Monoperoxyphthalate
MMPPMoscow Machine-Building Production Association (Russia aero engine manufacturer)
MMPPMulti-Mode Pipe Projector
MMPPMondi Mogullu Penki Pellalu (film)
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In the improved LLQ algorithm, all incoming traffic will arrive at the classifier, from outside the system according to either an MMPP or a Poisson process with specified rate.
[6] extended these models by considering an MMPP as an arrival process and multiple thresholds.
Many approaches to estimating MMPP parameters [[lambda].sub.1], [[lambda].sub.2], [r.sub.1] and [r.sub.2] have been proposed, but cell counting algorithm and moment fitting coupled with fitting of the auto-covariance algorithm presented in [13] belong to the most commonly referenced.
This guiding document will provide short, mid and long-term direction for future surface water management which includes lakes, rivers, ponds and other water collection areas within MMPP.
First, we propose a more general Markov jump diffusion model, which advances the PP used in the jump diffusion model, to a Markov modulated PP (MMPP).
In this paper for traffic generation we will use a MMPP traffic model proposed by [1].
Global Advertising plans to rectify the problem with what it calls the Multi-Cultural Multi-Platform Programmer Platform (MMPP).
The winner could also find themselves working along side MMPP Khalid Mahmood, behind the scenes at Rick Stein's restauant, for record company Sony BBMMGG, at Red Bull Formul2a 11 or backstage at the Royal Shakespeare Company.
A source emission is modelled as a 2 state Markov Modulated Poisson Process (MMPP).
In this case, the arrivals of requests are modeled using Markov Modulated Poisson Process (MMPP).