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MMPRMighty Morphin Power Rangers (TV Series)
MMPRMinimising and Managing Physical Restraint (criminal justice; UK)
MMPRMichael Meyers Public Relations (Dublin, CA)
MMPRMixed Member Proportional Representation (voting system)
MMPRMaintenance and Modernization Performance Review (US Navy)
MMPR6-Methyl Mercapto-Purine Ribonucleoside
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The impetus of MMPR is that it differs from parallel voting.
For the most part, the data used for the current analysis reflect CUTP that preceded the more recent and significant changes to the medical access to cannabis regulations, namely the MMPR and ACMPR in March 2014 and August 2016 respectively.
The MMPR has very strict provisions on the production and distribution of medical marijuana.
Paula Souza Health Canonico RP, Tanaka Center, of Sao Paulo ACDA, Mazza MMPR, University.
Mr Hardwick said MMPR had brought "significant improvements" to "the national oversight of restraint and the greater focus on communication and deescalation as part of a wider approach to behaviour management".
MMPR was created as a new way to manage behaviour in young offender institutions (YOIs) and secure training centres (STCs) following the death of Gareth Myatt, 15, who became unconscious during a restraint in an STC.
The new MMPR shifts the responsibility and accountability from federal regulators, to physicians and nurse practitioners, to write "medical documents" similar to prescriptions, authorizing patients to obtain marihuana from a federally licensed provider.
There was also a belief that MMPR would result in a stronger opposition in the legislature.
SolCom's MultiManager for Patient Records (MMPR) represents document management for the enterprise, and can form the core of an electronic health record.
Perhaps the best form of PR for the United States is "mixed-member PR" (MMPR).
We chose the route of the electronic medical record (EMR) using SolCom's MultiManager for Patient Records (MMPR) with extensive integration to the enterprise's 275 workstations and multiple clinical systems including: