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MMPsMatrix Metalloproteinase (enzymes)
MMPsMultimedia Message Processing System
MMPsMulti-Mission Signal Processor
MMPsMain Magnet Power Supply
MMPsMILSTAR Message Processing System
MMPsMEECN Message Processing System
MMPsMedicare Mortality Prediction System
MMPsMedical Meeting Planning Services
MMPsMilliken Mills Public School (Unionville, Ontario, Canada)
MMPsMystic Mississippi Paranormal Society (Amory, MS)
MMPsMitotic Maturation Promoting System
MMPsMacrophage Monocytic Phagocytic System
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Furthermore, levels of other enzymes, such as other MMPs, TIMP-1, and TGF-[beta]1, might further enhance the prognostic value of MMP-9 levels when measured together at presentation.
The company with this new project hopes to bring at least 25 percent of them in the network within seven days of the launch and also achieve 5,000 Master Partner License Activation to enhance its network with Marg Master Partners (MMP).
Tetracyclines come under the family of antibiotics which inhibit the catalytic activity of human collagenases and gelatinases, especially MMPs. The use of tetracyclines in restorative materials could inactivate caries as well as inhibit these enzymes involved in dentin degradation.
Tetracycline antibiotics inhibit MMPs. These are very interesting data, and I look forward to larger, prospective studies.
Degradation of ECM components occurs with the contribution of extracellular matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs).
Numerous studies have shown that the occurrence, development, invasion and metastasis of ovarian cancer are closely associated with MMPs. MMPs are a large family of calcium-dependent zinc-containing endopeptidases, which are typically composed of Ave structural zones: 1) pro-peptide, which maintains the latency of the proenzymes; 2) catalytic domain, including zinc-ion binding site; 3) hydrophobic signal peptide; 4) hemopexin-like C-terminal domain, which is associated with the substrate specificity; 5) hinge region, containing prolines.
Traditionally, MMPs were only used at secondary and tertiary levels, but recent research has shown that young children can and should engage in the solving of such rich, open-ended tasks in real-world settings (English, 2006; English & Watters, 2004; Fox, 2006; Mousoulides & English, 2011; Usiskin, 2007).
The alteration of ECM contents has been proposed as major determinants of the arterial compliance and vascular remodeling.[sup][8] The process of vascular remodeling is regulated by balance of matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs), their activators membrane type-membrane type (MT) MMPs, and their inhibitors tissue inhibitors of MMP (tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases [TIMPs]).
The MMPS assured they were coordinating with hotels and resorts to get closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage when the incident happened.