MMPUMassively Multiplayer Persistent Universe
MMPUMolecular Medicine Partnership Unit (est. 2002; Germany)
MMPUMega Man Powered Up (video game)
MMPUMew Mew Power Uncensored (anime website)
MMPUMultimedia Pileup
MMPUMultimode Power Unit
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"For the 1st time, we have something in hand that might explain this enigmatic relationship between enhanced pro-coagulatory activities and the outcome of cancer," said Sven Danckwardt, who carried out the research within the MMPU.
Tenders are invited for Maint of eot crane of 2.5 ton capacity at 27 mmpu out side at technical area at af stn ambala
This unit, Called a memristive memory processing unit (mmpu), Will substantially reduce the necessity to move data in computing systems, Solving the two main bottlenecks exist in current computing systems, I.e., Speed (~memory wall~) and energy efficiency (~power wall~).
Sources sought:minuteman meecn program upgrade (mmpu) interim contactor support (ics) ii
Tenders are invited for Provision Of B R Works Services At 22 Mmpu At Afs Hindan Ghaziabad
Tenders are invited for Provn Of Stand By Power Supply At Mmpu At Af Stn Jodhpur
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Furniture To Se Section 22 Mmpu And Aeb At Afs Hindan Dg 15 16
Tenders are invited for Comprehensive Maintenance Of 2X100 Kva Capacity Cvcf System Installed At 22 Mmpu