MMPVMedium Mine Protected Vehicle (US DoD)
MMPVMean Maximum Peak Voltage
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The system's hardware and software enable the seamless distribution of full motion video and control in real time with low latency from all sensor systems mounted on the MMPV Type II trucks to each crew station.
Our materiel team is tracking more than 100 systems, and the current commandant's top 10 priority systems are as follows: Joint Assault Bridge (JAB), High-Mobility Engineer Excavator (HMEE), Medium Mine-Protected Vehicle (MMPV), Mine-Protected Clearance Vehicle (MPCV), Vehicle-Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD), Digital Topographic Support System (DTSS), 2.5 cubic yard Loader, Special Construction Equipment, 4-5 cubic yard Loader, and the Ribbon Bridge Transporter.