MMQMonday Morning Quarterback
MMQModern Mandolin Quartet
MMQMaudsley Marital Questionnaire
MMQMaster of Medical Qigong
MMQManagement Minutes Questionnaire (Massachusetts healthcare)
MMQMerchant Marine Qualified
MMQMinimum Manufacturing Quantity
MMQModified Maastricht Questionnaire (psychology and physiology)
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Further in Vitro and in Vivo experiments demonstrate that the hyper level of prolactin in mmQ cells and hyperprolactinemia rat model is significantly reduced after PGD administration [37].
MMQ, GH3, and PC12 cell lines were cultured in 65 [cm.sub.2] flask, supplemented with 5% fetal calf serum (FBS), 11% heat-inactivated horse serum (HS), penicillin (100 IU/mL), and streptomycin (100 [micro]g/mL) under a humidified atmosphere containing 5% C[O.sub.2] at 37[degrees]C.
Jiang et al., "A novel marine drug, sz-685c, induces apoptosis of mmq pituitary tumor cells by downregulating mir-200c," Current Medicinal Chemistry, vol.
"But the increased speed and resolution of the new MMQ 400-2 controller has been specifically designed with surface roughness in mind.
However, the company claims that exchanging the metrology of the past for today's equivalents, such as the new MarForm MMQ 200 form tester will significantly improve conformance to current measurement standards and improve productivity by shortening measuring times.
Mahr Federal (Booth 2461) will be featuring its MMQ 200 Cylindricity Measuring Machine.
Os objetivos do ajustamento sao estimar mediante a aplicacao de modelos matematicos adequados e do metodo dos minimos quadrados (MMQ) um valor unico para cada uma das incognitas do problema e estimar a precisao de tais incognitas e a eventual correlacao entre elas.
Relationship adjustment was measured using the revised and adjusted Relationship adjustment scale, it was derived from the Maudsley Marital Questionnaire (MMQ) (Van Bussel, Enzlin, Ruytjens, Van den Berghe & Verhoeven, 2002) and was completed by individuals in a committed relationship.
Daryl Windland, CAPS MMQ Properties Trophy Club, Texas
Nessa avaliacao consideram formas alternativas ao Metodo dos Minimos Quadrados (MMQ) para avaliar o contributo da variavel stock de capital humano, dado o enviesamento assumido para as estimativas obtidas por esse metodo, decorrente dos problemas associados a proxy utilizada.
The Mar-Form MMQ 400 Formtester is a ground-up design which is more robust, less sensitive to environmental influences, faster, more flexible and more accurate than comparable systems on the market today.
The Multifactorial Memory Questionnaire (MMQ) was used in this study to measure self-assessed memory (Troyer and Rich, 2002).