MMRIMolecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MMRIMississippi Mineral Resources Institute (University of Mississippi)
MMRIMaryland Medical Research Institute
MMRIMcMaster Manufacturing Research Institute (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada)
MMRIMolecular Medicine Research Institute (Sunnyvale, CA)
MMRIMacha Malaria Research Institute (Zambia)
MMRIMulti-Mode Radar Input
MMRIMandatory Mission Rule Item
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The following section unpacks these layers of philosophy to serve as the foreground on which to conceptualize the positionalities of both Cross' Nigrescence theory and Sellers' MMRI.
I might have elicited greater insights about whether students' gender impacted their displays of HE had the MMRI and EJP lessons contained specific questions about gender.
Maize MMRI Yellow (whole)###12.15+-1.90###5.62+-1.54###12.22+-0.56###1.36+-0.91###1.87+-0.43###2.33+-0.90###1.56+-0.56###3.70+-0.93
However, the MMRI distinguishes that one's increasing awareness of racist ideologies protects an individual from internalizing those stigmas (Sellers et al., 1998).
The new MMRI compounds eliminate the two cancer-causing proteins in cells that are responsible for MMRI's death-promoting effect in cancer.
The examinees who had taken PET/CT examination had been immediately examined PET/MRI (Biograph mMRI, 3T Siemens, Erlangen, Germany) in order to get the required images.
Para avaliacao do apoio social, foram utilizados o questionario da pesquisa Saude, Bemestar e Envelhecimento (SABE)(14,15) e o Mapa Minimo de Relacoes do Idoso (MMRI) (16):
Maize and Millet Research Institute (MMRI) situated in Yousuf wala, District Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan was selected to grow nine different hybrids/cultivars of millet for study to comprehend the variable concentration of macro, micro and trace and toxic elements in their grains.
The Maize and Millets Research Institute (MMRI), based at Yousafwala (Sahiwal), organized a seminar on 'New Avenues for Maize and Sorghum Improvement' on June 5th 2012 in Lahore.
A recent survey by Tokyo-based MM Research Institute Ltd (MMRI) said the iPhone accounted for 72 per cent of all smartphones sold in Japan in the fiscal year ended March.