MMRPMilitary Munitions Response Program
MMRPMitigation, Monitoring, and Reporting Program (environmental planning)
MMRPMismatch Repair Protein (biology)
MMRPMbeya Medical Research Programme (Tanzania)
MMRPMulti Master Ring Protocol (Hitachi)
MMRPMarkov Modulated Rate Process
MMRPMultiple Multicast Registration Protocol (Cisco)
MMRPMultiple Multicast Registration Protocol
MMRPMidmarket Relationship Program (Microsoft)
MMRPMedical Marijuana Research Plan (Health Canada)
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There are still 69 CON/HTRW projects, 66 HTRW projects, and 40 MMRP projects awaiting further action.
President and COO, Don Patton, explains, "RELYANT is proud to be given the opportunity to support the USACE Northwestern Division, as well as their prestigious clients, through our quality ERS and MMRP Services.
The questionnaire sought to determine the most important benefits that have to date been derived from the MMRP. The following variables were analysed in order to measure the impact of MMRP on agriculture activity in the plain of Benghazi: agricultural production level, size of area planted, number and type of crops and farming income.
This article will discuss managing medical materiel in a CSH and the MMRP solution to assist in addressing medical materiel readiness issues in ARFORGEN.
The military services and the Corps do not track the time that staff work on MMRP activities separately from the time they spend on another environmental restoration program--the Installation Restoration Program (IRP).
These recommendations will be used by the DNR to develop a legislatively mandated Moose Management and Research Plan (MMRP) written by the DNR personnel.
(785 Market Street, 14th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103), by Archeo-Tec (5283 Broadway, Oakland, CA 94618), planningzoning/MajorProjectsSection/environmentaldocuments.html, 2005); Anna Naruta to Claudia Cappio, Development Director, City of Oakland, letter on behalf of the Chinese Historical Society of America Re: Uptown Redevelopment Project MMRP Hist 2a and 2b, Initial Review of Draft Archaeological Plan Dated January 2005, prepared by Archeo-Tec (available at the City of Oakland, Community and Economic Development Agency and, May 19, 2005).
The Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) was formalized in September 2001 when the Department of Defense (DOD) published new management guidance for DERP.
299-301) classic diagrammatic treatment of the bilateral monopoly question will note that the curve labeled "MR" in this diagram corresponds to Scherer's "marginal-marginal revenue product" (MMRP) curve, because Scherer treats the case in which the input buyer behaves as a monopolist in the final product market, so that the input demand curve is the marginal revenue product curve rather than the competitive value-of-marginal-product curve.
Two of the Galveston County sightings were made while conducting bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus) surveys for the Marine Mammal Research Program (MMRP), Texas A & M University at Galveston; other sightings were reported by local residents, colleagues and fishermen.
Concern for marine mammals by environmental groups has led ATOC to set up a sister program, the Marine Mammal Research Program (MMRP), to monitor the ATOC's effects.