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MMSCFDMillion Standard Cubic Feet per Day (gas distribution)
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The company is expected to further ramp it up to 250 MMSCFD in the future.
Expected oil production is 700/2000 BBL/D, gas 07/20 MMSCFD and expected LPG production is 100 tonnes per day.
whole will reduce the overall rate of 600 MMSCFD volume to US$
Under this agreement the tolling rate for the additional 200 MMSCFD is US$ 0.
1745 USD/MMBTU, which is lowest in the region and this will bring down the overall rate of 600 MMSCFD rate to 0.
The new facilities at Habshan-5 will also accommodate an additional onshore Gas 300 MMSCFD from Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Oil Operations, ADCO, North East Bab (NEB-III), in addition to 439 MMSCFD from the North West Abu Dhabi offshore field.
The facilities are designed to produce 750 MMSCFD sales gases, 12000 tonnes per day of natural liquid gas and 5,200 tonnes per day of sulphur.
PLN says it now needs 1 million MMSCFD of additional gas to fire its power plants.
5 MMSCFD and condensate of 70BBLD with well-head pressure of 2270 Psi at 32/64" choke size.
The company also announced earlier this year plans for a second Edmonton, Alberta, facility to come on-stream in 2008 and produce 105 MMSCFD as the first merchant plant in Canada to provide a sale of hydrogen for use in the upgrading of Canadian oil sands.
Air Products noted that the Baytown facility is designed to produce 70 MMSCFD of hydrogen and is connected to the Air Products West Gulf Coast pipeline system.
Air Products' 105 MMSCFD hydrogen facility has been supplying Premcor at the Port Arthur refinery since 2001.