MMSCMMillion Metric Standard Cubic Meters
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For March alone, the output was 2,816 MMSCM, nearly 9 per cent down from the target but 1.2 per cent higher than in March 2018.
On the other hand, natural gas production was 2,866.51 million metric standard cubic meters (MMSCM) which is 4.86 per cent lower than the target for the month but 4.19 per cent higher when compared with December, 2017.
The hermetically sealed type HOFIM[TM] unit will increase the capacity, of the storage cavern from around 380 million standard cubic meters (MMscm) of natural gas at present to as much as 500 MMscm.
According to Petroleum Planning and Analysis Cell under Ministry of Petroleum and natural Gas , India's LNG import for August2018 was 2308.3 MMSCM which was 9.9% higher than the corresponding month of the previous year.
11 exceeded 300 MMscm on a single day for the first time.