MMSCMDMillion Metric Standard Cubic Meter Per Day
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At the current approved final tariff of Rs 71.66/MMBTU, if the average volume of gas transported is 22 MMSCMD, Reliance will not be liable to make unutilised capacity payments.
Cluster 2B, which is made up of four gas finds - R1, U3, U1, and A1 in NDA - envisages a peak output of 12.75 mmscmd of gas.
With the addition of the second phase, scheduled for completion in 2020, BP expects the project to produce 42 mmscmd.
It has never been able to look up to the peak production of about 55 mmscmd in mid-2010.
This will enable the Saih Rawl Main field to produceMaximum Annual Daily Load (MADL) of 30 MMSCMD gas.
Turkmenistan would export 90 million standard cubic meters per day of gas through TAPI, with Afghanistan getting 14 mmscmd and India and Pakistan 38 mmscmd each.
Turkmenistan has agreed to supply 90 mmscmd of gas to the three consumers.
Among the issues discussed was the Transit Fee payable to Pakistan by India for the 38 mmscmd of gas envisaged to flow through the Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI) Gas Pipeline Project.
The project is expected to treat an average of 3 MMSCMD of gas to meet the growing gas demand in Oman.
Presently, the firm produces between 52 MMSCMD and 53 MMSCMD of gas from the block in the Krishna Godavari basin.
As per the plan, 38 million standard cubic meters per day of gas would go to India and Pakistan each while 14 mmscmd would be bought by Afghanistan.