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MMSEMini Mental State Examination
MMSEMinimum Mean Squared Error
MMSEMini-Mental Status Examination
MMSEMulti Media Service Environment
MMSEMultimedia Messaging Service Environment
MMSEMultiuse Mission Support Equipment
MMSEMaster of Manufacturing Systems Engineering (degree)
MMSEMultimission Support Equipment
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Another issue with the MMSE is that language impairments generally aren't a problem in early AD.
Los resultados de los detectores ZF y MMSE, es decir, [[?
Ademas, en todos los participantes del estudio obtuvimos la concordancia entre GDS y CDR, MMSE y ADCS-ADL.
Regarding the statistical analysis, continuous variables, audiometry, SRS and MMSE were presented through measures of central tendency (average and median) and variability (standard deviation-SD, minimum and maximum).
MMSE scores were interpreted in the following manner: score of 17 or under was considered as having no education, a score of 17 to 20 was considered having a primary school education, and a score of 20 or above was considered having a secondary education or above.
Similarly, we may employ a MMSE filter instead of the ZF method in order to get an improved estimate for transmit signal [x.
Most of the studies comparing MoCA and MMSE scores did not validate their outcomes with a battery of tests as was the case in the Parkinson's disease study above.
The finding of no difference between the groups on baseline performance on the ADAS-cog or MMSE "indicates that these global measures are not as useful for predicting rate of decline as are more specific measures of neuropsychological functioning," the investigators said.
This shows that the proposed NP-DFE is also an optimal design in the sense of MMSE.