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MMSEMini Mental State Examination
MMSEMinimum Mean Squared Error
MMSEMini-Mental Status Examination
MMSEMulti Media Service Environment
MMSEMultimedia Messaging Service Environment
MMSEMultiuse Mission Support Equipment
MMSEMaster of Manufacturing Systems Engineering (degree)
MMSEMultimission Support Equipment
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He continued, "Whole brain and hippocampal volumes both displayed significant correlations with MMSE and may be a potential predictor of Alzheimer's disease.
The neuropsychological testing portion of the evaluation involves performing various pen-and-paper and computerized tests, some of which are similar to those included in the MMSE and MoCA.
Cognition and memory assessment was done by the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE).
For the MMSE, MIS, and AN, the number of participants with false positives that met the criteria for CIND were 74.5%, 82.1%, and 82.1%, respectively.
Para este proposito, se utilizo el coeficiente de correlacion de Spearman para determinar la validez de constructo (convergencia) al enfrentar el MoCA-E con el MMSE (estandarizado por escolaridad y edad) (22).
The diagnosis of cognitive impairment was based on MMSE scores with different cutoffs for education level: MMSE ≤17 for illiterates; MMSE ≤20 for primary school graduates (≤6 years of education); and MMSE ≤24 for junior high school graduates or above (>6 years of education).[11] The diagnosis of cognitive impairment conversion was defined as people with normal cognitive function in 2009 converting into cognitive impairment in 2014 based on education-adjusted MMSE score.
In the analysis performed for the MMSE, a mean of 23.99 points was obtained and in the VFT, mean of 12.63 animals (Table 2).
Physical examination, BMI, vitals, the MMSE questionnaire and cognitive assessments were undertaken at baseline and after 8 weeks intervention.