MMSECMinimum Mean Square Error Combining
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At the meeting conclusion, the MMSEC chairman, a physician who is knowledgeable about prosthetic equipment and rehabilitation, arranges for any indicated medical consultations or special training required for you to safely and confidently operate the equipment.
The MMSEC coordinator will arrange for provision of the approved items and services.
In the modified minimum squared error classification (MMSEC) algorithm, the class labels of the test sample and the training samples nearest to it are firstly predicted, and then the test sample is ultimately classified by means of the the predicted results [10].
Firstly, The different between the predicting class labels of the training samples and the true value of the training samples is smaller than the MMSEC during the training phase.
The generated new training set Z is used to perform the modified minimum squared error classification (MMSEC) algorithm.
To make the comparison, we also test MSEC method, and the modified minimum squared error classification (MMSEC) [10].
From Table 1, it can be seen that the proposed RMSEC method obtains a far higher recognition rate than MSEC and MMSEC. Moreover, the proposed method is insensitive to the parameter values.
Table 2 shows the recognition performance of the MSEC, MMSEC and RMSEC.
We can also see that the recognition rates of MMSEC and RMSEC are close when the training sample size is one.
It can be seen from Table 4 that the recognition performance of the proposed RMSEC and MMSEC is close.