MMSETMultiple Myeloma Set Domain
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Bergsagel, "The t(4;14) translocation in myeloma dysregulates both FGFR3 and a novel gene, MMSET, resulting in IgH/MMSET hybrid transcripts," Blood, vol.
The most significant DNA methylation changes, influencing cell survival, cell cycle progression and DNA repair, are seen in t(4; 14) tumours [33,130], presumably as they over-express the MMSET gene which encodes a HMT transcription repressor.
As the majority of cases over-expressing HOXA9 in the study exhibited bi-allelic expression, consistent with deregulation of an upstream HMT event, genes involved in regulating HOXA9 were evaluated for mutations with findings revealing mutations in several genes: MLL, MLL2, MLL3, and MMSET [5].
Min et al., "The MMSET histone methyl transferase switches global histone methylation and alters gene expression in t(4;14) multiple myeloma cells," Blood, vol.