MMSFMega Man Star Force (video game)
MMSFMillion Square Feet (measurement)
MMSFMorgan-Monroe State Forest (Indiana)
MMSFMolecular Mass Spectrometry Facility (University of California, San Diego)
MMSFManitoba Medical Service Foundation (est. 1971; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada)
MMSFMassachusetts Motorcyclists’ Survivors Fund (est. 2004; Topsfield, MA)
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The High Level mill has a stated annual production capacity of 860 MMsf (3/8-inch basis), or 11% of the Company's North American stated annual capacity.
The MMSF algorithms blend data from multiple sensor types to restore a pilot's situational awareness in degraded visual environments (DVEs).
More collections were done at MMSF during bioinventories on 22 June 2014 and 13 September 2014.
Mms6 and MmsF are encoded in the mms6 operon (Lohpe et al., 2014) and both are believed to play a role controlling shape, and in the case of MmsF, controlling crystal maturation as well (Tanaka et al., 2011; Murat et al., 2012).
The results of FMSF, MMSF, FMAF, and MMAF are all successful to deform the rectangular image to C-shape image.
By Wade Vonasek, and Brad Walseth, North American Capacity (in MMSF) Particleboard & MDF calculated using 3/4 inch basis Hardboard calculated using 1/8 inch basis.
In 1995, the year before Bruce was hired, the local plant manufactured and shipped around 830 MMSF. The plant has the yearly capacity to manufacture and ship over 1,200 MMSF.
According to the National Particleboard Assn., an estimated 430 mmsf of MDF capacity was scheduled to come on line in 1995, with another 773 mmsf projected for 1996.
The National Particleboard Association reports that nearly 500 million square feet (mmsf) of particleboard and MDF capacity was scheduled to come on-line in 1995 and another 1,188 mmsf was anticipated to come on-line in 1996.
M-League, an upcoming basketball tournament made possible through the collaboration of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) and the Metro Manila Sports Fest (MMSF), offers talented Pinoy cagers the chance to make it to the pro league.
shipments of PB in 1993 were 4,241 MMSF (million square feet, 3/4 inch thick).
M-League, a city-wide basketball tournament backed by the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) in partnership with the Metro Manila Sports Fest (MMSF), will kick off this coming Sunday, September 30, at the Caloocan Sports Complex.