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MMSLMining and Mineral Sciences Laboratories (CANMET)
MMSLManitoba Major Soccer League (Canada)
MMSLMagic Mist Services Limited (Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies)
MMSLMobile and Media Systems Lab (Hewlett-Packard)
MMSLMetropolitan Media Softball League (Washington, DC)
MMSLMiniaturized Micro-Strip Line
MMSLMajor Medical Sick Leave (Fort Worth, TX)
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Within the study catchment there are many small waterways flowing from the high elevation at the top of plateau, about 500-650 mmsl, flowing to the low elevation area and merging to be one stream, namely, Huai stream, passing through the villages downward the Loei River which then joins the Mekong River.
Age (days) and length (mmSL) relationships in these young stages were examined by correlation and were modeled by linear regression.
The first case study is on the CANMET Mining and Mineral Sciences Laboratories (MMSL).
Notocheirus hubbsi: CAS 5525 (holotype), CAS 5526 (paratype, disarticulated); MU I-307 (2, 32 mmSL).
Marc Betournay, a senior scientist with Natural Resources Canada's CANMET Mining and Mineral Sciences Laboratory (MMSL).
With this in mind, NASA's Lewis Research Center in Cleveland last week opened a new Microgravity Materials Science Laboratory (MMSL) designed specifically "to help experimenters make better decisions about what is and is not feasible for science experiments in space." In short, says Salvatore J.