MMTOMultiple Mirror Telescope Observatory (Arizona)
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Tenders are invited for High Intensity Grade Retro Reflective Film Yellow Colour To Following Specifications Thickness Of Film : 0.25 Mmto 0.3 Mm Type Of Adhesive Pressure Sensitive Ps Type Reflectivity : 170 Minimum , Weather Resistance : Should Be Able To Withstand Climatic Test As Per Is 9000 , Grade : High Intensity Micro Sized Glass Beads Encapsulated Uniformly All Over .
Tenders are invited for Snap Head Rivet Of Size 10 X 80 Mmto Is Specn.Is:2155/1982
Tenders are invited for Spring Washergalvanised 16 Mmto Is:3063-94.
Tenders are invited for M.S.Snap Head Rivet Size 20X125 Mmto Is 1929/82 Steel To Is 1148/82.