MMVRMedicine Meets Virtual Reality Conference
MMVRMultimedia Virtual Reality
MMVRMechanical Mitral Valve Replacement (cardiology)
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DiRaddo, in Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR 14), Long Beach, CA (2006).
Lieberman coauthored one of a handful of studies comparing the immunogenicity of the MMVR injection with the standard two-shot MMR II and varicella immunizations.
Tenders are invited for Electrical work for provision of pf shelter 27 bays at different stations (13nos.) cbsa - 4bays, prsl - 2bays, jnk - 3bays, knps - 2bays, mlka - 2bays, dps - 4bays, nomd - 2bays, bjmd - 2bays, bbn - 2bays, gx - 1bay, mmvr - 1bay, bspx - 1bay and jrli - 1bay under the jurisdiction of den/south/ckp.