MMWDMarin Municipal Water District
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The MMWD service area is made up of residential communities interspersed with recreational open space and agriculture.
Kennedy/Jenks Consultants (K/J) conducted an evaluation of MMWD's facilities to determine the district's ability to meet fire flow criteria and met with the TAC to develop fire flow requirements for areas that were identified as deficient in the fire department's survey.
K/J met with the District and with each of the 11 fire departments operating within the MMWD service area to identify the specific concerns and designate fire flows for the areas that had been identified as having a fire flow deficiency.
Because MMWD's service area is in the seismically active San Francisco Bay Area, an important part of the fireflow study was to identify seismic hazards.
The study team used three separate earthquake scenarios to evaluate MMWD's backbone system under quakes of various magnitudes - the San Andreas (M7.8), the Hayward (M7.0), and the Rodgers Creek (M7.0) events.
Amplification could also occur along ridge tops, where many of MMWD's tanks are located.
To determine the susceptibility of MMWD's backbone distribution system to liquefaction, lateral spreading, slope failure, and surface fault rupture, the study team evaluated information on geological conditions, geotechnical properties, groundwater conditions, slope, and historical occurrences of ground failure in MMWD's service area.
MMWD engineers have, over the years, dammed streams to create five artificial (but now quite natural-looking) lakes in the Ross Valley: Phoenix, Lagunitas, Bon Tempe, Alpine, and Kent.
Oldest of the MMWD dams (1873) is Lagunitas (its big wooden spillway is near the picnic area).
A jigsaw of jurisdictions leaves the MMWD area-bordered by federal, state, county, and municipal parklands underexplained and a little hard to sort out.
In general, MMWD trails are less well signed as you go northwest, and you may need help.