MMX2MegaMan X2 (video game)
MMX2Multimedia Extensions 2
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The company said that its Intel Wireless MMX2 technology offers advanced features designed to simplify the development of feature-rich audio and video applications that will allow users to run the latest multimedia content.
Chromatographic separation was conducted using a Waters HSS [T.sub.3] column (1.8 [micro]m, 100 mmx2.1 mm).
The collected manure was homogenized by passing it through a 2 mmx2 mm sieve and was squeezed with gauze to remove remaining debris.
A gas sample was obtained from each syringe using a 1 ml glass syringe (Guo et al., 2009), and then analyzed for composition by gas chromatograph (TP-2060T, Beifen Ruili Analytical Equipment Co., Beijing, China) equipped with a TC detector (column: TDX-01, 1 mx3 mmx2 mm, column temperature: 120[degrees]C, detector temperature: 150[degrees]C, injector temperature: 150[degrees]C, carrier gas: argon; gas flow: 50 ml/min, injection volume: 1 ml).