MMX5Mega Man X 5 (game)
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Bandini sudare: plienine plokstele; "K" tipo termopora; apdangalas, pagamintas is priesgaisriniu gipso ploksciu; 3,5 mmx5 mm sraigtai, panaudoti gipso plokstelems tarpusavyje sutvirtinti; 25 mm plocio armavimo juosta, pagaminta is stiklo audinio; gipso ploksciu gamintojas "Knauf"; nominali ploto mase--10,5 kg/[m.sup.2]; storis -12,5 mm; absorbuoto vandens--nuo 30 % iki 50 %, tankis--800 kg/[m.sup.3] ([+ or -]20 %), grynumas--[greater than or equal to]95 %.
In a previous report in a patient undergoing hip arthroplasty, multiple small emboli and a large (71 mmx5 mm) embolus were observed to pass through the right heart.
Samples of the semitendinosus muscle were cut into strips (approximately 50 mmx30 mmx5 mm) and marinated with dark soy sauce (Tai Hua Food Industries Pte Ltd., Singapore; 1 ml of sauce per 2.5 g of pork) for 10 minutes to impart a dark brownish black colour and a slight salty note to the meat, and then simmered in a covered 3.5 litre slow cooker (Cornell brand: CSJ35) for 30 min set at 90[degrees]C, 30 min at 80[degrees]C, and then held at 60[degrees]C until served.