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MMBBLMillion Barrels (oil reserves)
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Among these, Zhanjiang IV is the largest new-build storage terminal, which is expected to start operations in 2022 with a capacity of 44 mmbbl.
During the year 2016, OGDCL was the highest oil producing company with a production of 15.3 MMBBL and an average rate of 41,928 BPD, OGDCL share was 48.5 percent in the annual oil production of the country.
The North Matanda field is estimated to hold an estimated P50 'gas-in-place' volume of 1.8 Tcf and 'condensate-in-place' of 136 Mmbbl. A work programme was submitted for further seismic and well drillings targeted by Q416.
As of December 2014, according to Peruvian Ministry of Energy and Mines, Camisea's proven reserves amounted to 13.4 trillion cubic feet (TCF) of NG and 698 million barrels (MMbbl) of NGL.
* CRUDE OIL INVENTORIES 3/25/2016: 534.8 mmbbl, up 2.3 mmbbl from week earlier; up 63.4 mmbbl from year earlier.
With recoverable oil reserve estimates of approximately 750 and 600 million barrels (mmbbl) in Uganda and Kenya respectively, and with government share of the reserves expected to be about 30--50 per cent, the potential impact on economic development in these countries could be great.
The BoI said that Pakistan had oil reserves of 362 MMBBL , gas reserves of 24,504 BCF and 105 trillion cubic feet of shale gas reserves.
In block one, the P50 for natural gas is 14.9 tcf and +440 million barrels (mmbbl) of oil; in block four the P50 projection is 13 tcf and +425 mmbbl; while in block nine the P50 is 15.2 tcf.
The Sabria Field is a very large oil accumulation, with 347 MMBbl of Original Oil in Place of which 280 MMBbl and 67 MMBbl are associated with assigned Reserves and Contingent Resources, respectively.
The five fields with a URR larger than or equal to 500 million barrels (MMbbl) are only 1% of the total fields, but they represent 35% of all accumulated discoveries.
The $1 billion project includes construction of 2.6 MMbbl of crude storage.
En cuanto a reservas de petroleo se preve la incorporacion de volumenes totales que oscilan entre 7.474 MMBBL (millones de barriles) en un escenario de escasez, 39.511 MMBBL en el escenario de abundancia, y un total de 10.468 MMBBL en el escenario base durante los proximos 22 anos.