MMcfeMillions of Cubic Feet Equivalent (Per Day; gas exploration)
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Harvest's Barnett Shale production for the first six months of 2019 averaged 54.5 MMcfe per day.
Second quarter 2019 daily equivalent production was 2,349 Mmcfe per day (100 percent natural gas), meeting the high-end of the Company's guidance range and representing a 24 percent increase relative to the second quarter of 2018.
Quarterly oil and gas production is of 148.9 million cubic feet of natural gas equivalent (MMcfe) per day, or 13.6 billion cubic feet of natural gas equivalent (Bcfe) in 2009 second quarter, representing production growth of 18% from 125.7 MMcfe per day, or 11.4 Bcfe, in the second quarter of 2008.
In Q4, Comstock's production averaged 10,587 Boe/d and 336 MMcf of natural gas per day, or 400 MMcfe per day.
The company, which focuses on natural gas production, gathering and transmission in the Appalachian area, will acquire 42,600 net acres and current natural gas production of approximately 42 MMcfe per day from Trans Energy Inc and entities affiliated with Republic Energy for USD513m, as well as 17,000 net acres and current natural gas production of approximately 2 MMcfe per day from a third-party for USD170m.
Production averaged 434 Mmcfe per day in the 2009 second quarter, representing a 14% increase over the prior-year quarter.
Key information concerning the 2019 budget and outlook includes the following: Budgeted 2019 total capital expenditures of $565 million to $600 million to be funded entirely within cash flow.Forecasted 2019 full year net production is estimated to average 1,360 MMcfe to 1,400 MMcfe per day, consistent with the Company's fourth quarter of 2018 average net production.Forecasted 2019 full year free cash flow in excess of $100 million.
The deal includes drilling rights on 44,100 net acres in the Utica and current natural gas production of approximately 80 MMcfe per day.
Key information includes the following:Completed previously announced and expanded stock repurchase program of $200 million during 2018, including deploying $90 million during the fourth quarter of 2018, acquiring 20.7 million shares and reducing shares outstanding by over 10% in 2018.Net production for the full year of 2018 averaged approximately 1,360.3 MMcfe per day.
EQT Corporation has announced that it has inked definitive deals, in related transactions, to buy additional core Marcellus acreage, consisting of -- 42,600 net acres and current natural gas production of nearly 42 MMcfe per day from Trans Energy, Inc.
In the Q2 2016, the production averaged 1,421 net Mmcfe per day, a rise of 4% from the prior-year quarter, with Marcellus production averaging a record 1,379 net Mmcfe per day, up 16% from the prior-year quarter.
Average daily production for the first quarter of 2009 is 30.0 MMcfe, compared to 26.5 MMcfe for the first quarter of 2008 and 23.9 MMcfe in the fourth quarter of 2008.