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3) Tsanlha: mnang bar bzhagpa (legs su brgyan pa < brDa yig blo gsal mgrin rgyan).
All five semantic fields of mnang do not seem to apply to the ZZNG context.
yig tshang gser gyis phud bu dang 'thing gis bum pa yang mnang /
bon gyis gsas mkhar mangpo yang bzhengs so/) drin lan dang che thabs su/ sku gshen la rtsig phul ba/ g yas gral gyi rtse la sku gshen 'jog ba so'i gdan khri dang za 'og gis gdan gnang / yig tshang du gser gyis phud bu dang 'thing gis bum pa yang mnang / This passage is in fact part of a very involved story with a long and complex history, more about this will follow at another occasion.
I have a hunch that we would be well advised to separate our query for the meaning of mnang from that for mnangs, because in their real occurrences seem to tend into rather different semantic directions.
4) In translations from Sanskrit mnangs translates Skt bhoga
One meaning at least (mnangs su bcad see PT1287 (51) and PT0016 & ITJ0751) (52), roughly seems to relate to the mnangs/bhoga semantic field mentioned in 5 and 6; in this case: appropriating livestock or property, as booty or something like that?
An occurrence of mnangs in the Ge khod lha la rten mkhar gzugs (KT.242:357-461; supposedly a gter ma text, but as of yet of unclear origins) seems perfectly in line with the 'OT' occurrences.