MNAOMazda North America Operations
MNAOMazda North American Operations
MNAOMobile Naval Airfield Organization (US Navy)
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The on-road data that we'll receive over the course of the two-year loan of these vehicles will be invaluable to Mazda as we continue the production development of future hybrid vehicles," said MNAO president and CEO Jim O'Sullivan.
Adds Rudy Privitelli, Group Manager of Relationship Marketing at MNAO, "Because our brand is based on attributes such as distinctive design, high functionality, quality, and being fun to drive, the new mobile Web site is a perfect representation for how we connect with our audience.
Independent, external peer review using SAI PMF to identify what MNAO may not yet know or perceive as its training needs (what MNAO doesn't know it doesn't know).
Working closely with MNAO, their advertising agency and other third party firms, Proxicom has implemented solutions for Mazda that enhance the automotive consumers' online experience as well as assist in moving the consumer through various stages of the shopping process and ultimately to a dealership.
MNAO recently renewed their partnership with Proxicom who will continue to provide Web development, design and strategic consulting services for the North American arm of Mazda.
NYSE:ADP) is pleased to announce they have been selected by Mazda North American Operations (MNAO) of Irvine, California, to assist in implementing the MNAO "Dealer Systems Strategy - 2003" initiative.
Formally launched last month, this strategic program developed by MNAO in cooperation with U.
According to Jim O'Sullivan, president and CEO, MNAO, 'The new year is already starting to look a lot like the last half of 2008.
Before joining the MNAO, Simmons was the Corporate Advertising manager for Ford Motor Company from 1995 to 1999, where she helped develop the communications campaign, "Better Ideas Driven by You," which replaced the long standing "Quality is Job 1.
Simmons brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Mazda and we expect her to make significant contributions in our campaign to revitalize the Mazda brand," said Ron Neale, MNAO director of Marketing Operations.
MNAO has approximately 800 dealerships nationwide and is owned by Mazda Motor Corporation, Hiroshima, Japan.
According to Jim O'Sullivan, president and chief executive officer of MNAO, 'This is the most important new vehicle Mazda has launched in a decade.