MNARMissing Not at Random (UK)
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(49) When missing information is correlated with unobservables, it is MNAR, but this is, by definition, impossible to verify.
In that case, we would refer to a MNAR missing data mechanism because the presence of a missing value in the variable [Y.sub.j] depends on the values of [Y.sub.j] even when controlling for the rest of variables observed in the analysis.
However, with missing not at random (MNAR) data, the missing data are related to the values of the variable of interest itself.
One form of non-ignorable is missing not at random (MNAR).
Now, it follows from Lemma 4.6 that U [member of] MNAR and by means of (2.6.2) we obtain a compact admissible map [[??].sub.0]: U [??] U for which ([p.sub.0], [q.sub.0]) is a selected pair.
(9) The type of dropout can be classified through (i) MCAR (II) MAR and (III) MNAR. (10,11,12,13)
Rather, income data may not have been reported for systematic, unobserved reasons (missing not at random (MNAR)), and so we included this group as a separate category in our models.
Missing-not-at-random (MNAR): Also, this term may be misleading.
Geralmente, em situacoes que envolvem a avaliacao de varios genotipos em diferentes ambientes podem ser encontradas observacoes ausentes seguindo a definicao proposta por Little e Rubin (2002), isto e, completamente aleatorias (MCAR), aleatorias (MAR) e nao aleatorias (MNAR).