MNAWModified North Atlantic Water
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2): HL 0.67-0.73X HW HW 0.92-0.97X TW, FW 0.63-0.77X FH, EL 0.33-0.46X EH, MNL 1.70-2.29X MNAW, MNAW 0.70-1.00X MNBW, F1L 1.00-1.50X F2L; antenna with 10-12 flagellomeres, maxillary palpus apparently 4- to 5-segmented, labial palpus 2-segmented; face smooth or rugulose, setose; frons smooth with rugulose or smooth longitudinal groove mesally, setose laterally and glabrous mesally; gena and vertex smooth, setose; occiput smooth, glabrous; eye setose; clypeus with apical rim, setiferous to setose; mandible with 3 teeth (Fig.
Male.--As in female except: Head: HL 0.64-0.78X HW HW 0.90-0.98X TW FW 0.96-1.14X FH, EL 0.35-0.50X EH, MNL 1.50-2.29X MNAW, MNAW 0.67-0.91X MNBW antenna with 12-15 flagellomeres; frons smooth with rugulose to crenulate or smooth longitudinal groove or oval pit mesally, setose to setiferous laterally and glabrous mesally; gena and vertex setose to setiferous.