MNBBMonday Night Big Band (various locations)
MNBBMauvaises Nouvelles Blues Band
MNBBMeinl Nino Bongo Bag
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Through our regional leadership structure and the continued emphasis on our 'Service Beyond Comparison' philosophy we will ensure that our customers continue to receive the highest level of service they have come to expect from ABB, FNBB-AL, FNBB-LA, and MNBB,' said Joe Quinlan, chairman of FNBB, Inc.
Tenders are invited for package of (a) special repairs to road from km 0/0 to 2/8 of mekavaripalli - maratipalli road (b) special repairs to road from km 9/0 to 19/0 of mnbb road to cp road (via) mekavaripalli road in ysr district
Tenders are invited for widening to the road from km 0/0 to 3/0 of mnbb road to obulampalli road in ysr district