MNC-IMulti-National Corps - Iraq
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I will review MNC-I's KM efforts as it relates to the Commander's Decision Cycle (Figure 1) and how it supports the four elements of this decision cycle: Monitor-Assess--Plan-Direct.
In 2008, CPT Andrew Culbreath--an attorney from Simpsonville, South Carolina--served as an operational law attorney for OSJA, MNC-I. In April of that year, in an ambiguous, complex, and volatile operational setting, CPT Culbreath advised the Basrah Task Force Commander who provided military support to the no-notice Iraqi-led operation against Shia Special Group terrorists located in Basrah, Iraq.
As I Corps settled into its new role as the MNC-I, the staff quickly confirmed what our joint logistics doctrine emphasizes: "It is at the operational level that strategic and tactical capabilities, processes, and requirements intersect, and it is here where the essence of joint logistics resides." (5) Additionally, according to JP 4-0, the seven core capabilities of joint logistics are supply, maintenance operations, deployment and distribution, health services support, engineering, logistics services, and operational contract support (see figure 1).
Second, identify MNC-I's objectives and goals and how sustainment worked with operational objectives to meet the commander's intent.
In an effort to share lessons learned from this experience, the purpose of this article is to (1) highlight the overarching principles of conducting a successful COIN operation; (2) apply those principles in an Op Law context; and to (3) discuss how the XVIII ABN Corps OSJA leveraged Op Law to support the MNC-I Commander's development of a successful COIN strategy during its 20082009 deployment.
This article documents MNC-I's processes, best practices, and lessons learned in coordinating the joint, interagency, intergovernmental, and multinational initiatives necessary to successfully transition civil capacity development to a capable Iraqi government with support from PRTs and international organizations.
(53) Interviews with MNF-I and MNC-I officials, August 2008.
Based on the needs of the MNC-I commander, the 733d was released from CID command and assigned directly to the MNC-I headquarters under the Corps Provost Marshal's Office.
Retasking an EAD asset already allocated to the MSC by MNC-I follows a simple procedure: the MS C simultaneously notifies MNC-I of the impending move and passes the new target information to the ISR mission commander; the asset then moves to the new location.
MNC-I guidance further states that coordination with local officials is critical to ensure that a project meets a need and will be maintained and that numerous projects have been built that did not meet their intended purpose because of lack of coordination.
I will close by noting that while Ray Odierno has the reputation of being the tallest guy in Iraq, it turns out that the new guy is just as big Must be something in the water in MNC-I.
"It is very important that deployed [chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear] CBRN warfighters are resynchronized from time to time," stated Lieutenant Colonel Bill Hibner, MNC-I Chemical Officer and host of the conference.