MNCAModel Nonprofit Corporation Act (model legislation)
MNCAMid-Nebraska Community Action
MNCAMicromineralogists of the National Capital Area
MNCAMichigan Nonprofit Corporation Act
MNCAMason Neck Citizens Association (Mason Neck, VA)
MNCAMultilayer Network Configuration Algorithm
MNCAMaximum Normalized Cable Attenuation
MNCAMovement for the National Congress of Afghanistan (conference)
MNCAMoncton Northeast Construction Association, Inc.
MNCAMidtown North Community Association (Memphis, TN)
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[section] 1983, at xxiv-xxx (2006); see also MNCA [section] 6.40(a) ("Except as permitted under Section 6.22 [which provides that a nonprofit corporation other than a charitable corporation may provide for repurchase of memberships from members] or 6.41 [dealing with compensation and other permitted payments], a nonprofit corporation shall not pay dividends or make distributions of any part of its assets, income, or profits to its members, directors, members of a designated body, or officers.").
bahamense from the IRL tested toxic in the MBA, RBA, MNCA, Ridascreen ELISA, and MIST Alert assay and positive for STX, dc-STX, and B1 toxin by HPLC and LC-MS.
This contract is a contract for the provision, Installation, Maintenance, Maintenance and operation of some thirty advertising sites in the 4 underground stations of line 2 of the tramway the nice-cte d~azur metropolis (mnca).
: Open invitation to tender - articles 25, 66, 67 and 68 of decree no 2016-360 of 25.3.2016 on public procurement the purpose of the consultation is the regular transport of persons, Mainly to serve the educational institutions or training sites of the cfa mnca: Lot n 1: Shuttle avignon- saint raphal valescure - carros lot n 2: Carros railway station sncf nice ville lot n 3: Shuttle carros nice arnas lot n 4: Carros shuttle nice saint augustin railway station occasional transport of persons to ensure the main service of the educational institutions of the cfa mnca: Lot 5 craft day lot no 6 transport no puncture without immobilisation lot no.
This market concerns the work necessary to achieve - The underpinning work of the 20/24 building and strengthening Sgurane- The covered trench itself between Sgurane Pit and the Cassini dock- Siphon, lift, technical and toilet on the Cassini local operator platform- The layout of the station on the Cassini dock and rear dock- Definitive deviations MNCA dry and wet networksFor more: cf .: Section VI Additional information -VI.3) Additional information - 1 / Short description of the contract or purchase / acquisition.
The consultation aims to: work on the road markings on roads and areas managed by MNCA. These benefits include urban and extra-urban coastal subdivisions of 4: East Coast, Nice, Var West and La Cagne.
- The loop detection and regulation of Personal and tramway vehicles,- The power cables,- The Slt networks- The priority management facilities at each controller lines lights,- Optical inter-connected network hubs in MNCA network- SLT supervision system and tram regulation- The interface with the central system to existing traffic control.
The benefits of this market are designed to achieve the following benefits Derailing work of sewerage networks (wastewater and stormwater) of drinking water supply, raw water and multi-tube of the Metropolis Nice Cote d~Azur (MNCA) in the areas of line T2 from the bridge SNCF St.
The consultation is: the manufacture and supply of hydrocarbon bitumen products and aggregates required for the maintenance of all road assets managed by Mnca.
The consultation is: work on the road markings on the managed network across all territories DA center Tinee and Vesubie of MNCA. These services cover all of these horizontal marking requirements, the ex RN, former R & D and the entire road network of 46 towns, all now identified "metropolitan road network."
The consultation aims to: the manufacture and supply of products hydrocarbon bitumen and aggregates required for the maintenance of all road assets managed by MNCA. Transportation of products from the production site of the plant, will be generally provided with all the resources of the client.
The consultation aims to: Work on road markings managed network on the territories of DA center Tinee & Vesubie of MNCA. These services cover all these needs horizontal marking on ex RN, former R & D and the entire road network of 46 towns, all identified now ~metropolitan road network.