MNCARMinnesota Commercial Association of Realtors
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It was an ideal space for the new American Minimal Art." (18) The reification of the America-centric, male-dominated story of Minimalism in its early years notwithstanding, more recently MNCARS has been invested in the presentation of exhibitions through an agenda described by its director Manuel Borja-Villel as including "the interrogating of canonical narratives of modernity, the study of work made by women artists, and the consideration of local, apparently derivative manifestations".
(10) El texto hablado de las conferencias puede ser consultado online en la pagina Web del MNCARS, bajo ARCHIVO /CONFERENCIAS /Fechas 4-5 marzo 2011
(17) El registro en video de esta performance de Clemente Padin en el MNCARS se puede ver online aqui: