MNCCMalaysian National Computer Confederation
MNCCMulti-National Coordination Center
MNCCMexican National Catholic Church (est. 1649)
MNCCMonthly News Clip Contest (National Press Photographers Association; Durham, NC)
MNCCMohawk Nation Council of Chiefs (Rooseveltown, NY)
MNCCMetro North Chamber of Commerce (various locations)
MNCCMobile Network Call Control
MNCCMaximum Normalized Cross-Correlation
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Preprocessed Postprocessed (mean [+ or -] SD) (mean [+ or -] SD) Cellularity * TNCC (x[10.sup.8]) 2.64 [+ or -] 1.29 8.04 [+ or -] 3.65 MNCC (x[10.sup.8]) 0.59 [+ or -] 0.26 2.16 [+ or -] 1.02 CD34+ve (x[10.sup.6]) 1.33 [+ or -] 2.09 4.05 [+ or -] 3.81 Cell viability (%) 72.02 [+ or -] 19.73 88.94 [+ or -] 5.54 Potency Total CFUs (x[10.sup.4]) ND 101.1 [+ or -] 113.61 Sterility No growth No growth * Mean fold increase in postprocessed sample is about 3x.
While each decorative paint MNCC follows its own agenda and expansion schemes, they also share certain common objectives because of evident strategic imperatives.
According to the Chinese official statistics bureau, (1) in 2015, foreign MNCCs occupied the top five positions with annual sales revenues ranging from approximately EUR 1.84B to EUR 0.45B.
The establishment of more stringent global regulations and the emergence of a worldwide social awareness of environmental issues have forced the MNCCs portfolios of research projects to include the following technological challenges: (a) to reach zero volatile organic compounds (VOC) content in the greatest possible number of coatings formulations.
Present business analyses perceive low-VOC water-based coatings, in which MNCCs have been investing millions of Euros for their development, as the long-term, ecofriendly technology solution of the decorative paints industry.
To encourage changes in the Chinese customers' purchasing behavior, MNCCs have implemented this strategy along two main axes that have been applied with relative success in western countries.
Originally stood up in November 2013 in support of Operation Damayan, the ICT serves as a one-stop shop for international LNOs to clarify their roles, help posture international military support appropriately before the urgent formal host-nation request for assistance, and avoid potential confusion with the MNCC team during crisis situations.
Acacia aroma Maximum noncytotoxic [CC.sub.50] by neutral extracts concentration (MNCC) red uptake [micro]g/mL [micro]g/mL Hot aqueous extract 500 1800 Ethanolic extract 100 465
The difference is due to the position of the mother node constructing category (MNCC).
(3.) One of the reviewers argued that the finiteness of the verb functions as the MNCC of the main clause.
(4.) Since the main clause does not include a specific MNCC, I assume that the recognition domain ranges from the subordinate conjunction at the beginning of the sentence to the first word of the main clause, which provides access to the second IC.
Constituent structures are recognized based on specific elements in the parse string, which Hawkins calls "mother node constructing categories" (MNCCs).