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Non-associated gas and imports registered a growth of 10.7 per cent to 37,684 MNCM and associated gas production rose by 16.9per cent to 8,037 MNCM, added the NCSI report.
A sizable portion of natural gas in Oman is used by various mega industrial projects, which stood at 27,741 MNCM during the 12-month period of 2018, against 23,227 MNCM for the same period of the previous year.
Natural gas is also used in oil fields, either for producing steam water or for reinjection, with as much as 9,512 MNCM in natural gas being used in oil fields, against 8,787 MNCM units consumed for the same period of last year.
The metrics for these measures are available on the MNCM website.(5)
when it was 3,421MNCM, the output increased to 3,514 MNCM,
While 2% or 4,805 MNCM was used for power generation,
The diabetes care performance of ambulatory clinics, defined as single-site locations that offer primary or specialty ambulatory care, has been annually reported by MNCM since 2007 (Minnesota Community Measurement 2014).
During the time frame of our study (2007-2013), health systems in our study area acquired 100 clinics that reported to MNCM. This consolidation led to approximately a 9 percentage point increase in the number of clinics in health systems with >30 clinics (Figure 1).
Approximately 85 percent of Minnesota clinics currently submit performance data to MNCM and some clinics outside of Minnesota voluntarily report (Minnesota Community Measurement 2012).
Our data included 661 unique clinics that reported to MNCM at least once.
In accordance with MNCM ODC inclusion criteria, nonpregnant adult patients ages 18-75, with at least one specialty face-to-face visit (for any reason) in 2010 and at least two diabetes-related visits (ICD-9 codes 250-250.93) in the previous 2 years (January 1, 2009-December 31, 2010) were identified (27,084 patients).
Second, adhering to MNCM standards, this analysis does not distinguish between Type I and Type II diabetes.