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For testing the external construct validity of the scale, the correlation between the BQc-t results and NPAD, MNDI, and SF-36 was analyzed before and after treatment.' (12-141) Correlation coefficients of 1.00-0.91 were regarded as perfect, 0.90-0.71 as good, 0.70-0.51 as moderate, 0.50-0.31 as acceptable, and <0.30 as weak.' (16,17]) In the comparison between the scales, the questions matched for meaning during the previous studies were used.' (4,6]) For testing the external longitudinal construct validity, the differences of every item on the BQc-t and of the total scores in the corresponding subscales and the total scores in the other scales for pre- and post-treatment evaluations were calculated, and the significance of each difference and its level of correlation was interpreted.
- External construct validity: The Question 7 of the NPAD and Part 8 of the MNDI were found to be left blank by the patients who did not drive as anticipated.
- External longitudinal construct validity: Based on the data obtained by matching the relevant subscales of the NPAD and MNDI with the items on the BQc-t before and after treatment, except for Question 7, a weak, moderately positive, statistically significant correlation was found.
The ES and SRM values of the BQc-t were higher than those of the NPAD and MNDI (Table 7).
In the present study, before and after treatment, based on the external construct validity and external longitudinal construct validity results of the items on the BQc-t matched with the relevant subscales of the NPAD and MNDI, except for Question 20 of the NPAD which matched with Question 7 of the BQc-t, there was a positive, statistically significant correlation.
Teaching a lesson of compliance with a tune-up is most likely to occur in specialized units, like the MNDI police or the Los Angeles CRASH antigang unit.