MNDPMongolian National Democratic Party (Mongolia)
MNDPMikroTik Neighbor Discovery Protocol
MNDPMalawi National Democratic Party
MNDPManitoba New Democratic Party (Canada)
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CRO 200 133.98/138.18/2.58 400 407.84/424.76/8.00 GA 200 194.02/205.19/4.05 400 495.21/514.62/10.61 HS 200 233.58/266.16/1703 400 618.85/674.18/22.02 TABLE 10: Results obtained by the CRO, HS, and GA algorithms in the TSP instance "Berlin 52" GA HS CRO 7758/7967/108 7688/7983/218 7542/7752/233 TABLE 11: Best values obtained in the MNDP problem considered at Alcala de Henares, by the proposed CRO and an existing EA.
In the MNDP, the defined QoS level is adjusted taking into account security impact.
When changes occur on user profile parameters, the entire MNDP computations are restarted which can lead to the modification of the already established SLS.
The decision concerning this protection (SLNP Negotiation Security Decision) can also be taken by the MNDP which transmits it to the SE in order to secure the negotiation flow if required (Figure 3).
Thus, this initial negotiation entity will also include a MNDP and a SG which enable defining SLS parameters and generating the corresponding SLS element.
Three members of the MNDP have been jailed in a corruption scandal, which led its coalition partner, the Social Democratic Party, to refuse to cooperate with it in the election campaign.